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What? Where? Why? How? When?

We have helped literally thousands of people to resolve these questions! There is no such thing as an unusual requirement...

For most of us, buying a property is the largest financial commitment we will ever make and naturally this carries with it a degree of fear and indecision. But if you are clear about your requirements, your finances and time frames, you can purchase a property with greater confidence.

A problem shared is a problem halved...

Our knowledge and experience helps you to put things into perspective - what do you REALLY want and why?

From first contact we work through all your options with you. We go through the "check list" of the costs involved in moving. We can also suggest a range of excellent suppliers for all the services you will need. And we will even help you look at what happens after you have moved - will you need assistance sourcing a builder, decorator or interior designer? 

This approach saves you time, money and stress. Our local knowledge covers issues as diverse as schooling, local traffic/ commuting routes, where is a good delicatessen, even which pubs serve a good Sunday roast.

Cridland and Co is fast becoming the market leader in North Oxfordshire by offering the personal service all buyers and sellers want but rarely receive.

The attached checklist is available to download and return, it will help you decide what you are really looking for - in our experience your initial "wish list" is often quite different from what you eventually purchase. Then come and talk to us, we promise you'll be glad you did.

doc Moving_checklist.doc [Click here to download]