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There is a big difference between cost and value for money...

The classic estate agent tactic when pitching for business is "high price, low fee, long fixed term agency agreement - sign here". There is a lot of research to show that a competitively priced house actually sells for MORE money than the neighbouring property which started marketing at a higher guide price. We have also proved this strategy works - ask if you want evidence.

And yet the "average" estate agency still stacks the shelves with as many properties as possible, relying on a law of averages which dictates some will sell and some won't. After all, as long as those that do can produce a profit who cares about those that don't?

But you can have both quality and value for money.

We are different from every other agency we know. We strive to sell and let ever property we are given. You trust us to look after your property - probably your most valuable asset - and we take that trust very seriously. Our ethos is simple: Striving to exceed your expectations should be the rule not the exception. 

To this end we actively keep our stock low... This sounds a crazy way to do business, in fact it's far more sucessful for both us and our clients. We can spend more time per day on each property yet still remain profitable. As a result we sell and rent a higher percentage of our properties than any agent we know.

Our service tailors the marketing to the need of the client, not the need of the agent. Your property gains at least the same level of market exposure as any national/ international agent can provide, but with the extra benefit of time expenditure and local knowledge that they cannot. 

We have yet to find another agent who can match our service.


And the catch is...??

Sorry, there isn't one!

Buying and selling houses can be stressful, no doubt about it. But by working WITH you to achieve the maximum price, the quickest turnaround and the smoothest process we minimise the impact on your daily life and reduce the stress in the process.

We look at the property and gauge who might suit it, what sort of lifestyle the property offers them, and market it with all the emotive and positive aspects highlighted. This sees us, time and time again, sell properties other agents could not - and often at or above the price they had failed to achieve.

If you haven't found our testimonials page yet now might be the time...


Who are we?

James Cridland has run various estate agency businesses over many years, taking each to market leader status. He has helped thousands of people to find a new home. He is also second generation estate agent so can confidently say property is "in the blood". His decision to open Cridland and Co is the culmination of years watching agents putting profit first and service a distant second, realising that if service is always put first profit will always follow - not a difficult logic!

He is also downright obsessive, the smallest detail being sometimes the difference between successful marketing and failure he insists every photo and every word must be perfect. Consequently Harriet spends a lot of her time hiding his laptop and mobile on holiday/ after hours... Outside work if it has an engine or a sail it's James' passion, and when he's not working on a car or boat he can often be found in a second-hand record store or soldering old bits of hi-fi together (some of which survive the experience...)

Harriet Cridland owned and ran a recruitment business for 10 years, building it from nothing - then sold it as a successful concern with an international reputation. Her understanding of business and finance is second to none, she is an outstanding networker and fantastically organised, and she is never afraid to be completely honest with her advice (some might say blunt? We couldn't possibly comment!). She is responsible for all our branding and all our finance, which we are glad of as both are often impossibly complicated and require the patience of a saint.

Once a keen and accomplished horse rider, she is hoping that between family and work there will be more time for that one day. Meantime, like James, she loves classic cars and sailing boats; unlike James she is also a fabulous cook.

Issy McCarthy came to us from a rural background in Herefordshire. Issy studied at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, then working with Strutt and Parker and Finders Keepers before arriving here. This has provided her with such a broad understanding across sales and lettings, in both city and country locations, that the transitory market so typical of Oxfordshire suits her knowledge to a T. Clients find it hard to get stressed talking to Issy as there's always an answer, always a solution, and it's delivered with such calm and sagacity it's impossible not to relax.

Quite aside from her abilities as an agent, her wit is dry to the point of Saharan, often having us in stitches. Also, ask her about any village and she will recommend a good local eatery, pub or place of interest! 

Rebecca Shaw Becka loves lists... Lots of lists... and lists of lists... This is a good thing for an Office Manager as she is permanently looking to rationalise and streamline everything we do, while keeping the diary and the "back office" in control with a rod of iron. She is also our Lettings controller, with an enviable ability to react quickly and smoothly to any crisis.

Before coming into this business she could be found running busy pub/ restaurants with up to 100 covers - not for the faint-hearted, and requiring serious organisation skills. Consequently her people skills, especially her ability to sort out crises calmly, are beyond reproach. Outside work, she confesses her OCD attitude extends to everything from cleaning to organising, which might be why while she tries to find a moment to go to the gym she admits to failing regularly...

Sara MacAndrew-Uren An inveterate property nut, she originally tried to sell her previous house through one of our competitors. When that failed she came to us. When the sale successfully completed she nagged us until we agreed to bring her in for weekends, this has now expanded to weekdays as well. She clearly knows far more about property than most "professional" estate agents. This is something that viewers frequently comment on, usually along the lines of "Sara's amazing, the only agent we've met today who knows anything about the property she is showing!" Her sunny attitude is noticed by all she meets.


Our service covers a wide range of expertise, ranging from "regular" estate agency to every aspect of property including:

  • Property consultancy
  • Project management
  • Contractor sourcing
  • Portfolio management
  • Search and selection

If it involves property, however unusual or unanswerable the query may seem, and you would like a refreshingly honest and open discussion about it please don’t hesitate to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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